Getting Ready for RACs

TMA can ease audit pain 

The Texas Medical Association encourages physicians and their staff to be proactive in preventing an audit and can help medical practices avoid nightmares if they occur.

TMA Practice Consulting offers evaluation and management (E&M) coding and documentation reviews that include a claims coding and medical record documentation analysis of 10 records per physician. An abbreviated checkup and a full review are available.

TMA Practice Consulting also can conduct a coding and documentation quarterly review to determine whether a medical practice is following payers' guidelines for appropriate billing year-round.

And TMA offers a training program for practices that need help understanding documentation guidelines or identifying inappropriate or inaccurate coding and weaknesses in medical record documentation. The two-hour session covers a review of 1995 and 1997 E&M documentation guidelines, time-based coding, modifiers, and audit triggers, among other topics. Services are available for a fee based on a practice's needs.

To get an idea of your practice's coding pattern, call TMA Practice Consulting at (800) 523-8776 or email  TMA Practice Consulting.