Assessing Preceptors' Attitudes Toward and Practices of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Texas Survey

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Abstract of Journal Article -- May 2003  

By Jennifer Hall; Robert Bulik, PhD; and Victor Sierpina, MD  

To assess attitudes toward and practices of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Texas, a survey was developed and sent to 143 community preceptor physicians in September 2001. The results of the survey represent what the physicians of Texas believe about CAM as a practice and about the relationship of CAM to the medical community. Results indicate that the concept of CAM is relatively well accepted, continuing education is enthusiastically accepted, and support for medical school education is strong; however, physicians also report concerns over the attitudes of their colleagues toward CAM as well as a wide range of concerns about CAM therapy in general. The physicians verify that patients seem to expect them to be knowledgeable about CAM therapies and note some frustrations with the lack of opportunity for fact-based continuing education.

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