Celebrating Excellence In Science Teaching

2008-2009 TMA Ernest a Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching  Winners!

 The TMA Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching honor educators who share their energy and enthusiasm for science through creative and innovative methods. TMA created the award 19 years ago to reward excellent science teaching in hopes of encouraging young students to become physicians.

Established in 1990, TMA's annual award recognizes outstanding science teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  These teachers are honored for the valuable role they play in promoting scientific literacy and education and for cultivating interest among students for careers in science and medicine.

Winners receive cash awards and their schools also receive a cash award for science studies.

2009 Award Winners:

Adriano Gonzalez - High School Winner
Adriano Gonzalez is a chemistry and environmental systems instructor, and peers say he inspires students to do their best and to seek out knowledge. Other teachers describe his dedication to teaching as unwavering. For example, he spends Saturdays throughout the school year preparing his Academic Decathlon team for competition. Mr. Gonzalez has a master's of public administration from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio.

Robert Boucher - Middle School Winner
The teachers and administrators who nominated Robert Boucher say he works diligently to ensure his students understand how science can benefit their lives. He teaches eighth-grade science and chairs his school's science department. He fills class time with energetic activities, hands-on labs, and enthusiastic presentations. In 2007, his students participated in a Zero Gravity Experiment at NASA. Mr. Boucher has a master of education and instructional design degree from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore.

Susana Ramirez - Elementary School Winner
Susana Ramirez's nominators say she makes science interesting and fun for all of her students. According to her students and peers, her teaching tools include intellectually challenging labs and a unique instruction style. Each student creates a Science Journal to track observations and record questions, and creates 3-D foldables on a variety of scientific topics. Ms. Ramirez teaches fifth-grade science, and she says it's her job to ensure every student leaves her class loving science. Ms. Ramirez has a master in science education degree from The University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg, and she is working on a master's in administration.

The TMA Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching are supported by the  TMA Foundation , the philanthropic arm of TMA, thanks to an endowment established by Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Butler of Austin. This year, additional support is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and dozens of physicians and their families who have made gifts to the TMA Foundation.