Perry Wins Nathan Davis Award

Acting on a nomination from TMA, the American Medical Association honored Gov. Rick Perry with its Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service. The award, named for the AMA's founding father, recognizes elected and career local, state, or federal officials for their contributions that have promoted the art and science of medicine and improved public health.

TMA's nomination of the governor cited his support of medical liability reform, prompt pay, and cancer research legislation, plus his work to maximize state and federal dollars to help insure more low-income Texans, restrain Medicaid costs by promoting healthier lifestyles,increase immunizations, and improve the public health emergency response system. "His contributions to public health and his work to improve patients' access to care through liability reform exemplify his leadership and vision. His record demonstrates dedication to the health of all Texans," the TMA nomination said.

Governor Perry said on his Twitter page that he was "very grateful for TMA's support and confidence" and that he was "humbled by the award."

In a formal statement , the governor said he was "committed to keeping Texas moving forward when it comes to the health and wellness of our citizens. I won't stop talking about the preventative impact of better fitness, and the importance of lessening the burden on small businesses and pioneering new ideas that save lives. I accept this award on behalf of our leaders who have caught and shared that vision, our health care providers who work faithfully in the midst of industry upheaval, and future generations of Texans whose lives will be improved and even saved by their efforts."

Action , March 16, 2009

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July 22, 2010