Doctor's Orders Video

 TMA leaders have devised plans to pursue an ambitious agenda when the Texas Legislature convenes next month. We've spelled out our proposals in a new publication: Doctor's Orders. We will have the booklet in the hands of every Texas lawmaker before the holidays.

This short video, featuring TMA President Josie R. Williams, MD, and TMA leaders from across Texas, explains the crux of the key problems and TMA's proposed solutions.

A tight budget, narrow partisan margins in the Texas House and Senate, and anticipated all-out assaults on scope of practice and physicians' ownership rights promise to make the 2009 legislative session particularly challenging for organized medicine. From health insurance accountability to protecting our liability reforms to tackling the obesity epidemic, TMA has written an extensive "2009 prescription for a healthy Texas."

This video is available as a DVD that you can show at your county medical society meetings and other physician gatherings. To order a copy or invite a TMA lobbyist to speak to your county society, please contact TMA Public Affairs at (800) 880-1300 or email public.affairs[at]texmed[dot]org  


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November 19, 2015