Health Information Technology Policy in Texas(1)

 Statewide, Regional, and Constituency-Specific Initiatives (abstract)

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Abstract of Journal Article - January 2009  



Tex Med . 2009;105(1):55-63.  

By Julie Graves Moy, MD, MPH  

Electronic medical records and other health information technology are being touted as a solution to cost and quality issues in health care. Legislative and executive actions in Texas have been aimed at increasing the number of Texas physicians who use electronic medical records. Private sector solutions have been emphasized. Independent health information exchanges have been developed independently across the state, and some successful efforts to use government resources such as federally developed open source code have been implemented in private and public facilities. State agencies have developed and employ electronic medical records and health information exchange. Coordination and expansion of successful health information technologies has not occurred, and the risk of slow or no adoption is increased by a reluctance on the part of state government to provide direction and funding to the private sector in health care delivery in Texas or to allow private sector use of technologies developed by and in use by state agencies.



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