Capital BCBS Settlement Deadlines Near

You have until June 30 to file a claim for reimbursement in the settlement of the federal antiracketeering lawsuit against Blue Cross and its subsidiaries, Capital Advantage Insurance Companies and Keystone Health Plan. Mail the claim form to the settlement administrator at Capital BlueCross, Settlement Administrator, PO Box 4390, Portland, OR 97208-4390.

Texas physicians are eligible to receive compensation from the $3.5 million settlement fund because they are members of the class on whose behalf the lawsuit was filed.

This Capital BlueCross settlement is separate from the national Blue Cross settlement that involved Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. The deadlines for filing claims for the national settlement have passed.

The settlement administrator mailed settlement forms to physicians in April. The documents include the notice of the proposed settlement, instructions for filing a proof of claim, and the claim form. You can download the documents from if you did not receive them in the mail.

You can opt out of the Capital BlueCross settlement. If you decide you don't want to participate, you must notify the settlement administrator by May 30. Those who opt out will not be entitled to receive the benefits of the proposed settlement, including any payment from the settlement fund and any benefit from the business practice improvements Capital BlueCross committed to in the settlement. The settlement link has information on how to opt out.


Action , June 16, 2008