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Texas Medicine Column -- December 2000

November's MedBytes takes a look at the useful newborn screening Web sites on the Internet.

Texas Department of Health (TDH)
TDH has a newborn screening case management program located on its site at You'll find a list of newborn screening tests performed in Texas, and statistics about how many newborns have been diagnosed with the tested diseases since 1991. The site also has commonly asked questions and answers about the tests.

Supplemental newborn screening
Most states routinely perform newborn screening designed to identify six common metabolic diseases. Supplemental newborn screening checks infants for 30 other disorders. All are rare, but if caught early, treatment can be more successful. Baylor University Medical Center, whose site is located at, and Neo Gen Screening, which can be found at , offer newborn testing for all 30-plus metabolic disorders via a kit used by a physician to collect a blood sample, which is then mailed back for analysis.

Audiology services
Texas Department of Health has an audiology services section on its site located at, which provides links to information about newborn hearing screening, programs, brochures and forms, and outside links. Click on "Newborn Hearing Screening" and then "Newborn Hearing Information" for Texas' new screening rules.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
The AAP recently issued a news release at entitled "Newborn Screening Report Addresses Inconsistencies and Controversies." The release gives a link to the July 2000 US National Screening Status Report, showing which states screen for what illnesses.

Newborn heelstick screening
Go to;118/3/1304 for information on the Task Force on Newborn Screening. This panel of experts addresses issues relevant to newborn screening and state newborn screening programs.

Genetics and Public Health in the 21st Century
This site, located at, gives a history on newborn screening, as well as information about quality assurance and specimen collection, and quality control and performance evaluation of testing.

Sickle cell disease screening
Sickle cell disease affects 3 of every 1,000 African-American newborns. Affected children are at increased risk for mortality and morbidity, especially in the first 3 years of life. Visit to find out more on this disease.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Another site giving sickle cell disease information is located at The site gives results of a study conducted to assess the effectiveness of newborn screening programs for sickle cell disease and for receipt of and compliance with early medical interventions.

Texas Medical Association
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