May 2001 MedBytes: Heart Disease

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The May issue of MedBytes deals with heart disease.

American College of Cardiology
The American College of Cardiology Web site ( is designed primarily for physicians, with topics including practice management, specific cardiology news, case studies, and continuing medical education. Patients can go to the "Media, Journals and News" section, and click on "Patient Education." This section offers electronic brochures on selected cardiology topics.

Project WATCH
Project WATCH is TMA's heart disease and stroke prevention program for 1999!!-2002. WATCH is an acronym for the five preventable risk factors for heart disease and stroke -- Weight, Activity, Tobacco, Cholesterol, and High blood pressure. The site educates both physicians and patients on preventing heart disease and stroke at an early age. An online assessment tool, contact information, and a comprehensive collection of links highlight the site.

American Heart Association
Visit the American Heart Association (AHA) Web site at AHA and its subsidiary, the American Stroke Association, concentrate on the ABCs of heart disease and stroke. The site, primarily designed for patients, includes reference guides, public education programs, risk assessments, and volunteer opportunities.

Global Cardiology Network
The Global Cardiology Network site ( focuses exclusively on the needs of cardiology professionals. Journal listings, continuing medical education, grant and fellowship applications, and a comprehensive links section are the highlights. The search feature allows access to numerous cardiology Web resources.

Texas Heart Institute
The Texas Heart Institute ( focuses on "reducing the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative and progressive programs in research, education, and patient care." The site offers the latest news on research and a simple educational section concerning heart disease. Diagrams, frequently asked questions, and a glossary of terms make this Web site a good reference for general information.

InterAmerican Heart Foundation
The InterAmerican Heart Foundation ( is based in Dallas and promotes heart disease awareness and stroke prevention throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. The Web site focuses on the educational materials and coordination projects that the foundation provides throughout the year, most of which are available for download.

HeartCare Partnership
The HeartCare Partnership is a partnership of the Texas Medical Association and the American Heart Association, Texas Affiliate, with funding from Merck & Company. It is designed to help both doctors and patients manage the risk of heart disease with an intense focus on practical patient management strategies. 

Heart Center Online
In terms of fully using Web technology to present information, Heart Center Online ( ) may be the best heart disease Web site. Tools such as a nutritional calculator and health tracker, a news ticker, and a comprehensive glossary linked with anatomy animations make Heart Center Online a superb electronic health site. 

Texas Medical Association
Billing for treating Medicaid patients can be confusing. Now TMA has the answer to questions about issues related to Texas Medicaid global billing periods. An online guide gives you the global billing period for individual procedures ... or all procedures related to a single body system. By knowing the global period for a procedure, you can determine the dates on which you can or cannot bill for another service. Check out TMA's global billing guide on the TMA Web site. The guide has been placed in the public section of the Web site so office staff can access it easily. As a special bonus for TMA members, you can also download the entire guide onto your handheld computer for easy access all day long.

MedBytes is a quick look at new, or newly discovered, Web sites of interest to Texas physicians. The column also highlights features of the TMA Web site at If you know of some cool medical sites or have questions about how to use the TMA Web site, email Erin Prather. Publication of information about Web sites in this column is not to be considered an endorsement or approval by the Texas Medical Association of the sites or sponsors, or of any products or services involved.  

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