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Transitions: Legal Considerations in Selling or Closing a Medical Practice

MGMA  select publications:

  • Physician Practice Management: Essential Operational and Financial Knowledge by Lawrence Wolper - Item 6267
  • Medical Practice Management Body of Knowledge Review Series: Business and Clinical Operations by Edward Gulko - Item 636
  • (Information Exchange) Buy-in and Buy-out Agreements - Item 6529
  • SP: Buying / Selling / Merging / Valuing a Medical Practice Smart Pack - Item #6597
  • Rx for Business Success: Starting a Medical Practice by Tom Ealey - Item 6814
  • Electronic IE: Appointments & Scheduling Wait Times - Item E5780
  • Electronic IE: Employee Benefits - Item E4798
  • (Information Exchange) Appointments and Schedules - Waiting Times - Item 5780
  • Rightsizing: Appropriate Staffing for your Medical Practice - Item 5692
  • Mastering Patient Flow: More Ideas to Increase Efficiency and Earnings, 2nd edition - Item 6072
  • HR Policies & Procedures Manual for Medical Practices, 4th ed by Courtney Price, PhD and Alys Novak - Item 6634
  • Telephone Triage Program Design and Implementation in the Office Setting (On-Demand) by Carol Rutenberg - Item #6562

AMA  select publications:



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