2007 Legislative Compendium: Abortion

Several bills were filed this session regarding abortion. TMA does not take a position either for or against abortion, leaving that decision to individual physicians. TMA does develop recommendations when an abortion-related bill proposes additional reporting or administrative requirements on physicians; interferes with physicians' ability to maintain a candid, confidential relationship with their patients; or if it is not scientifically sound.

No abortion-related bills passed this session. Bills filed that TMA raised objections to follow.

Abortion Reporting
Senate Bill 785 by Sen. Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) and Rep. Geannie Morrison (R-Victoria) would have required extensive reporting of abortions and complications from abortions. It also would have imposed penalties for failure to comply. The bill died in the House on a point-of-order.

Abortion Ultrasound
Senate Bill 920 by Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and Rep. Frank Corte Jr. (R-San Antonio) would have required a physician to perform an ultrasound and would have required the women to view it prior to performing an abortion. The committee substitute would not have required the woman to view the image of the ultrasound prior to an abortion, although the ultrasound would still have been a requirement. The bill died in the House late in the session after the House sponsor pulled the bill down in order to avoid a contentious and lengthy floor debate with time running out in the session.

A rider was included within the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) budget clarifying that a family-planning organization "affiliated" with an abortion service provider will not be disqualified for funding as long the family-planning provider meets certain stipulations, including being legally separate entities that have easily distinguishable names and separate boards of directors (HB 1: DSHS Rider 77, Article II).

Abortion TMA Staff Team:

Legislative: Michelle Romero
Policy: Gayle Love
Legal: C.J. Francisco

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