Transition to an Electronic Medical Record Can Begin Today

Know that an electronic medical record (EMR) is in your future but dread the disruption that switching over will cause to your practice operations? 

Planning and executing implementation in steps — even before you’ve chosen a system for your practice — can ease the transition and contribute to your success:

  • Review processes within your office, such as refilling prescriptions, ordering and tracking labs, or scheduling.
  • Wherever possible, standardize the actions, steps, and forms involved in each process.
  • Make sure your staff understand and accept any changes you make in a process.
  • Use this opportunity to identify gaps an EMR could fill, such as better prescription management or health risk assessment. 
  • Develop an EMR implementation checklist with timelines, budgets, and responsibilities. Be sure to include sufficient time for staff and physician training on the system once it has been installed. 

Also, be sure to draw on TMA’s many resources as you assess your practice, create your plan, and choose your EMR system. Go to the Technology page on the TMA Web site for tools, articles, links, and other information. If you have questions, contact the TMA Health Information Technology helpline at (800) 880-5720 or e-mail HIT.

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