Regulations on Residents and Fellows Waived to Increase Health Care Staffing
By David Doolittle


Texas hospitals and facilities associated with graduate medical education (GME) training programs can now utilize physicians-in-training (PIT) permit-holders with physician oversight outside their GME training program under waivers Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered. 

"These temporary waivers will expand the staffing capacity of our hospitals and medical facilities, ensuring Texans will have access to the care needed during the response to COVID-19," Governor Abbott said in a statement

According to guidance from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), residents and fellows can be shifted from training positions to patient care duties for emergency staffing purposes, under supervision, for a defined amount of time. ACGME also will allow fellows to shift from their subspecialty training to work in their core specialty. Work hour caps are not waived and remain in place.

The waiver applies only to Texas PITs, an official with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) told the TMA. Physician supervision would be required by an order from the institution’s management, and the change would not need to be reported to TMB, the official said.   

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Last Updated On

April 13, 2020

Originally Published On

April 13, 2020