EMR Data: Where It Lives and How It Gets There

Still a little fuzzy about how electronic medical record (EMR) technology works? TMA's in-house health information technology staff have answers, including these to some frequently asked questions from TMA members.

How Do I Enter Data Into an EMR?

Input methods include voice recognition software, laptop keyboard, personal digital assistant, tablet with stylus or keyboard, dictation/transcription, and interfaces with other medical equipment.

What Is an ASP Model?

The ASP, or application service provider, model means the patient's medical record data reside at a remote location, which the physician accesses with the practice's EMR software. Usually, the physician pays a fee to the ASP for managing this service.

What Is a Network Model?

With the network model, the practice owns the server where the data resides, which typically is housed at the practice location.

If you have questions about electronic medical records or other health information technology, contact the TMA Health Information Technology helpline at (800) 880-5720 or e-mail  HIT .

Content reviewed: 6/28/10

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