Save the Date: Help Improve the Overall Health of Physicians


We have all read the headlines: "Health-Care System Causing Rampant Burnout.” And “Physician Turnover and Reduced Clinical Hours Are Estimated to Cost $4.6 Billion Annually.”

“For those ready to deal with the problem, a range of interventions have been shown to be successful, including mindfulness exercises and stress-management training,” Harvard visiting professor Joel Goh, PhD, said, according the Harvard Business School’s website. “To really make an impact, however, wider organizational changes are probably needed.”

How is medicine encouraging organizational changes? How is medicine supporting the need for mental and emotional quality-of-life resources in academic medical centers?

These questions and more will be addressed during the second-annual Texas Medical Association Physician Health and Wellness Exchange in October.

The exchange, a collaboration between the TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness and the UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine, seeks to understand what resources and strategies are missing to address the health and wellness needs in our workforce, student, and trainee populations.

Activities will include educational programs, an exercise session, resolution workgroup, poster session, and luncheon. Poster session winners will receive monetary awards. Lodging assistance will be provided for a select number of trainees who have submitted an abstract (details to come).

The Physician Health and Wellness Exchange, is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 24, at UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine.

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January 31, 2020

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January 31, 2020

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