Hospitals Can Improve Care for Patients With Hearing-Loss, TMA Says
By David Doolittle


Hospitals and emergency departments should provide specific forms of identification for patients with hearing loss, the Texas Medical Association emphasized to the Texas Hospital Association last year.

In a letter, TMA President David C. Fleeger, MD, encouraged the hospital association’s president and chief nursing officer to share the recommendation with its members, hospital CEOs, and staffs.

The recommendation is based on policy TMA’s House of Delegates adopted in May.

“In an emergency, a hearing-impaired person may not be able to speak or communicate with others. This is particularly concerning if they cannot hear or communicate clearly with the person trying to obtain necessary and critical information for their care,” Dr. Fleeger’s letter said. “TMA’s House of Delegates’ new policy recognizes that many individuals, including physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel, are not aware that hearing loss in patients can hinder patient communication.”

Last Updated On

January 03, 2020

Originally Published On

January 03, 2020

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