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Volume 115, Number 12 — December 2019

Cover Story: Extreme Medicine (pages 20-25)

Practicing extreme medicine requires getting acclimated to extreme situations. A group of 18 second-year medical students at The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in Galveston did just that by taking part in a two-week extreme medicine program offered through the school’s preventive medicine residency department. By Sean Price

Ask Austin allergist Allen Lieberman, MD, which public health issue hasn’t received the attention it deserves and he points to an epidemic of food allergies. By David Doolittle
Legislative Affairs: Far-Reaching Implications (pages 26-28)

Texas’ uninsured rate – the worst in the nation – creates troubling ripple effects. TMA continues to push constructive solutions the government must take to help. By Joey Berlin

Quality: Out of Physicians' Hands

TMA tackles unfairness of medication adherence quality measures. By Joey Berlin

Law: Finally Settled (pages 36-38)

Hospital settles anti-competition lawsuit. By Joey Berlin

Law: Know Your ADA Obligations (pages 40-41)

For a refresher, TMA and government resources can help. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: Addressing Autism (pages 42-44)

Physicians can improve treatment of patients with autism by educating themselves and connecting families with resources. By Sean Price 

Vaccines (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: How Vaccines Work By Sean Price

Also in this issue:

Journal: Lynch Syndrome (page 5)

Rounds, Deaths



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