A Physician’s Personal Take on the Ongoing Impact of Tort Reform
By Robin Rumancik


In 2003, the Texas Medical Association secured significant protections for physicians from frivolous lawsuits in landmark tort reform legislation.

Explore the recent effects of tort reform in Texas from the perspective of a physician who was hit with – and eventually overcame – a major liability lawsuit in TMA’s e-book, Tangled Sutures: A Tale of Triumph and Loss in a Professional Liability Lawsuit. Even though the case of E.E. Frezza, MD, ended in his favor — and with an additional positive outcome for all Texas physicians — it exacted a significant toll on his career and personal life.

The publication illustrates the ongoing significance of tort reform in Texas and how it has made a difference for physicians across the state — and beyond.

It also outlines the legal pretext for tort reform as well as the safeguards in place to mitigate the risk of treating out-of-state patients. In addition, the publication can help you identify the symptoms of litigation stress syndrome and coping strategies.

For more information about tort reform and medical liability in Texas, visit the TMA Liability Resource Center and read TMA’s FREE e-book, Manage Risk Through a Compliance Plan.

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November 21, 2019

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