Examine the Billing Cycle “Vitals” for Your Practice


Just as vital signs can tell you a lot about a patient’s health, the “vitals” for your billing cycle can say a lot about the financial health of your medical practice.

The Texas Medical Association’s free webinar, What You Need to Know to Evaluate Your Billing Process, offers a step-by-step process and tools to assess your practice’s financial health and identify key areas for improvement. The webinar will show you how to use practice management reports to evaluate your staff’s productivity, your billing and collections processes, and even payer performance.

In many instances, the webinar can help you change a few simple processes to increase collections within a month or two.

For more help, explore other CME opportunities in the TMA Billing and Coding Resource Center, including Strategies to Improve Patient Collections and Rx for Success: Patient-Centered Communication for Physicians, Managers, and Staff.  

As with most of TMA’s CME programs, Evaluate Your Billing is free for TMA members and their practice staff thanks to a generous sponsorship by the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust.

Last Updated On

November 13, 2019

Originally Published On

November 13, 2019

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