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Volume 115, Number 7 — July 2019


Cover Story: Mobilizing Against Measles (pages 22-29)

Measles - a deadly disease declared eradicated in the U.S. in 2000 - has made an unwelcome return. By Sean Price

Profile: Goodbye to Polio (pages 8-9)

Polio has all but disappeared, but not for William Tierney, MD. By Sean Price

Feature: Grugle on Google (pages 30-31)

What to do when the internet enters the exam room. By Thomas Grugle, MD

Law: The Meaning of Monthly (pages 32-34) 

Court ruling addresses pain clinic registrations. By Joey Berlin

Economics: United Cuts Consults (pages 36-37)

New policy could hit specialists hard. By Joey Berlin

Practice Management: Don't Try This At Work (pages 38-40)

Security risk analysis is not a do-it-yourself project. TMA can help. By Sean Price

Education: Dell Med's "Growth Year" (pages 42-44)

Innovative curriculum lets third-year students pursue a health project or dual degree. By Sean Price

Vaccines  (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: Diphtheria By Sean Price 


Also in this issue:

Commentary: Counseling Anti-Vaxxers

Commentary: New AAP Water Safety Guidelines 

Rounds, Deaths



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