Celebrate 25 Years of Keeping Texans’ Heads Safe
By Tammy Wishard


It’s time to light the birthday candles because TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads bicycle helmet giveaway program is turning 25.

If you haven’t hosted an event before, this is your year because the Texas Medical Association will award 25 helmets at no cost to 25 TMA family members who host their first event or host one in a county where Hard Hats hasn’t been.

TMA’s “25 for 25 Campaign” is open to physicians, county medical societies, and TMA Alliance chapters.

No matching purchase of helmets is required. Events must occur during Hard Hats for Little Heads Month in October. To be included in the drawing for the free helmets, send an email by June 1 detailing your event plans. Winners will be selected by July 1. 

Diana R. El-Zaim, MD, a McAllen pediatrician, hosted her first event in 2018.

“As a community pediatrician, I feel more empowered when I spend time speaking with families to promote the lessons we often discuss in our clinical practice,” Dr. El-Zaim said. “I would welcome all physicians to take part in this wonderful event sponsored by TMA.”

If you’re a seasoned helmet giveaway host, TMA also wants you to be part of the birthday celebration. You can plan an event any time this year or help TMA make a big statewide splash in October. The next three months are great times for a Hard Hats event:

  • March: Brain Injury Awareness Month;
  • April: Texas Child Safety Month; and
  • May: Bike Month.

Pamela E. Chung, MD, a family physician in Sugar Land, said her clinic loves the Hard Hats program and has hosted an event for several years during Bike Month to discuss safety and encourage physical activity.

“I think there is no better reward than seeing the joy this brings to families, as well as the opportunities and adventures it opens up for them,” Dr. Chung said.

TMA has everything you need for your giveaway, from helmets to publicity tools and educational materials. When you purchase up to 50 helmets, TMA boosts your giving power with an equal match of helmets. Helmets cost $7.85 each, including shipping.

Family physicians and members of the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) have a special perk of receiving 25 helmets at no cost, thanks to the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and TPS. TMA then matches that for a total of 50 helmets to give away at no cost to you.

Find event ideas and much more in the Hard Hats event toolkit. To request an order packet or to get started on your event, email Tammy Wishard, TMA outreach coordinator, or call her at 512-370-1470.

Hard Hats for Little Heads is supported in 2019 with a TMA Foundation grant thanks to its Legacy of Caring and General Endowments, and generous gifts from an anonymous physician and spouse and donors to TMAF’s Make-A-Difference and Greatest Need appeals.


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February 26, 2019

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Tammy Wishard

Outreach Coordinator, Division of Communication

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Tammy Wishard

Tammy Wishard is TMA’s outreach coordinator. She manages TMA's award-winning Hard Hats for Little Heads and Be Wise — Immunize programs, and the Anson Jones, MD, Awards for excellence in health reporting. She has a 20-plus-year history with TMA, where she started as a writer/editor. Tammy, an Iowa native, is a graduate of Abilene Christian University.

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