Learn To Be An Effective Politician at AMA Workshop
By David Doolittle


I probably don’t know you, but I’m sure you’d make a great politician.

How do I know?

Because you’re a physician, which means you’ve got some of the key skills needed to be an effective elected official.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s why state Rep. Tom Oliverson, MD (R-Cypress), thinks physicians make great politicians:

“Being a doctor, I think, inherently makes you a good legislator because number one, you’re a good listener … and you’re a good problem-solver,” the anesthesiologist said during TMA’s Advocacy Retreat last month. “I wish there were more physicians in the legislature because we are naturally gifted at problem solving, we are naturally gifted to be good legislators because it’s how we were trained to think.”

If you’re now thinking about getting involved in politics, but you’re not sure how, start by attending the 2019 AMPAC Candidate Workshop in March. 

The workshop, organized by the American Medical Association’s political action committee, “is designed to help you make the leap from the exam room to the campaign trail and give you the skills and strategic approach you will need to make a run for public office,” AMPAC’s website says. “At the Candidate Workshop, Republican and Democratic political veterans give you expert advice about politics and the sacrifices needed to mount a competitive campaign.”

Topics to be discussed include:  

  • How and when to make the decision to run; 
  • The importance of a disciplined campaign plan and message; 
  • The secrets of effective fundraising; and
  • The role of your spouse and your family. 

The workshop is scheduled for March 1-3 at the AMA Office in Washington, DC. It is targeted to AMA members, their spouses, residents, medical students, and medical society staff. 

Registration is $250 for AMA members and $1,000 for non-members. Registration deadline is Feb. 8.

The registration fee will be waived for four residents and students whom the AMPAC Board will select from the pool of resident and student applicants.

Find more information, including how to apply, on AMPAC’s website

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January 07, 2019

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