Get the Know-How You Need When Upgrading Your EHR

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Electronic health records (EHRs) are all but ubiquitous in medical care today. 

Like most practices, you probably made the digital shift years ago. But now, as requirements for documentation and compliance increase, your EHR system could be inefficient and outdated. 

While the thought of shopping for a new EHR can be daunting, the cost of inaction could be worse. From outdated templates to inaccurate reporting, you shouldn’t settle for an inadequate EHR. 

The Texas Medical Association’s newest free webinar, EHR to EHR Conversions - When, Why, and How, will help you better assess available EHR systems to determine whether you should upgrade your system or switch vendors.

During the webinar, participants will learn how EHR provider mergers can affect your practice, top factors to consider when selecting an EHR, and strategies to improve your EHR’s functionality. The program also focuses on vendor contract language, risky clauses, and contractual red flags. 

The EHR to EHR Conversions webinar is free for TMA members thanks to a generous sponsorship by the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust

But wait — there’s more.  If you would like a free technology contract review, submit a current EHR contract or potential new contract to Coker Group, a health care consulting firm that is among TMA’s discount program vendors. The evaluation will look for terms and conditions that may be unfavorable and provide suggestions on how to address them. 

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January 08, 2020

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