Free Webinar: Steps to Sell Your Practice


If you’re considering selling your practice, you probably have a lot of questions — and concerns.

Well, good news: The Texas Medical Association can help you get some much-needed answers — and some peace of mind.

Access our free webinar, Strategies for Exiting Your Medical Practice for Retirement.

The webinar can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the many considerations necessary to sell a practice. 

Led by Don Barbo, CPA, and David Hilgers, partner with the Husch Blackwell law firm, the webinar uses case studies to teach how physicians can get their practice “in order” for new ownership. From changes to loan and lease documents, to voting rights, compensation models, noncompetes, and payer notifications, the webinar covers all of the necessary documents that should be in place leading up to a practice sale. You also can learn what to consider for a practice valuation, how that valuation should align with key governance documents, and what assets and liabilities should be included in the buyout price. 

As with most of TMA’s CME courses, this webinar is free for TMA members, thanks to a generous sponsorship by TMA Insurance Trust


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March 04, 2019

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