Update: Glitches With State's Schedule II Prescription Forms Fixed
By David Doolittle


Sept. 20 Update: Problems with the state's IT system and texas.gov website have been fixed, and orders for new prescription forms for certain controlled substances have been going through, officials with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy have told the Texas Medical Association.

Previous story: Some physicians have not been able to order new prescription forms for certain controlled substances because of problems with the state’s IT system, and the texas.gov website.

As the Texas Medical Association has reported, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy  on Sept. 1 began issuing new official Schedule II prescription forms that include advanced security features designed to help deter fraud.

Starting Jan. 1, official prescription forms ordered before Sept. 1, 2018, will no longer be valid, the pharmacy board has said.

State officials say they are working to fix the glitches with texas.gov, which they say has significant issues beyond the prescription forms. There is no backup paper system for ordering forms, officials said.

TMA has asked the pharmacy board to push back the effective date of the change to accommodate physician orders if the website problems persist.

TMA will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates to Texas Medicine Today as they become available.


Last Updated On

September 21, 2018

Originally Published On

September 13, 2018

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