Free Webinars on Practice Partnerships: Joining or Selling


Are you looking to add a partner to your practice? 

Perhaps you’re looking to be a new partner somewhere?

Or maybe you want sell your practice to colleagues? 

No practice sale or buy-in is exactly alike, but each transaction shares the same core components: a comprehensive valuation and review of governing documents.  

To ink a contract that best serves you, the Texas Medical Association has developed two, 60-minute lunchtime webinars. Using case studies, these programs will provide a step-by-step approach for conducting a practice evaluation as well as a review of important legal and management considerations.

Sept. 18: From Employee to Partner: Build Your Independent Practice From Within

Before you bring on a new partner, or become that new partner yourself, it is essential to lay the proper foundation for a successful merger. This webinar will provide physicians with solid steps for establishing partner agreements, compensation models, noncompete covenants, and other governance materials. Tune in to learn how to prepare for a practice valuation, how the valuation is determined, and how to set a buy-in price. Physicians looking to join a practice can learn how to determine if they are getting a good deal.

Sept. 20: Strategies for Exiting Your Practice

A sound exit strategy is key for any physician looking to retire and sell a practice. Whether you’re considering physician-buyers from within or outside of your office, the sheer volume of details to consider can be overwhelming. TMA’s new webinar cuts through the clutter to help you understand how to get your practice in order so it’s attractively priced for a buyout. This webinar also will address non-competes, terms for a buyout, voting rights, changes to loans and leases, payer and patient notifications, and a host of other legal issues.  

Like most of TMA’s CME courses, both of these webinars are free for TMA members, thanks to a generous sponsorship by the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust

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September 11, 2018