50.011 Physician Role in Increasing Vaccination for HPV


50.011 Physician Role in Increasing Vaccination for HPV: In an ongoing effort to reduce the burden of preventable cancers associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) in Texas, TMA will: 

  1. Continue to educate physicians, monitor, and support implementation of interventions to improve the rate of HPV vaccination per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations using the following evidence-based strategies: 
    1. educate physicians, families, and patients on the key message that the HPV vaccine prevents cancer safely in women and men, 
    2. recognize that physicians are leaders within the community and are critical in improving HPV vaccination rates, 
    3. communicate that strong physician recommendation is the most important determinant of vaccine acceptance, 
    4. strengthen communication through the utilization of the principles of successful management of vaccine hesitancy, HPV cancer survivor stories, and local/regional champions including trained community health workers, 
    5. establish consistency in the messaging over the HPV vaccine’s importance, effectiveness, and safety among all clinical/practice physicians and staff, 
    6. utilize effective vaccine delivery strategies, which include reviewing the vaccine status of all patients at all visits, and using standing orders, simultaneous administration, i.e., “bundling” the vaccine with other vaccines, and school-based clinics, 
    7. track the progress of vaccine delivery through the utilization of EMR functions, surveillance/monitoring systems, regular performance reviews, and maintaining knowledge of the trends in the rates of HPV vaccine coverage and HPV-associated cancer; 
  2. Support the continued testing, development, improvement, and dissemination of effective HPV vaccine intervention research and reviewing and editing policy recommendations accordingly; 
  3. Continue active collaborations with the Texas Department of State Health Services to optimize the use of the state immunization registry with the goal of having it be fully functional, as defined by the CDC, and utilized by physicians in order to have a reliable method to measure HPV immunization coverage rates in the state. TMA will encourage development of data sharing agreements among groups that are collecting valid HPV vaccine coverage rate data until a fully functional immunization registry is implemented; and 
  4. Continue to collaborate both internally and externally with health stakeholders to leverage and improve HPV vaccination rates in Texas. (CSPH Rep. 6-A-18)

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August 14, 2018