Simple Ways to Make a Big Impact on Your Patients’ Health
By David Doolittle

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As a physician, you are a key player in the well-being of your patients, and the Texas Medical Association is here to help you continue to improve.

Help keep your community safe and healthy through TMA’s outreach programs, including Hard Hats for Little Heads, which seeks to reduce brain injuries and encourages kids to exercise by giving away bicycle helmets at local events. As a benefit of membership, TMA provides everything you need for your local event, from helmets, to publicity and educational materials, to media support. It's all made possible through funding from the TMA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the TMA.

As a TMA member, you also get the latest public health news delivered straight to your inbox, and you can take advantage of FREE continuing medical education (CME) on public health topics that affect you locally. 

Explore how asking one 10-second screening question can make a difference in the life of a patient through the course Domestic Violence: Ask! Learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and take appropriate action in suspected cases through the course Identifying Human Trafficking in Texas: What Physicians Need to Know

Whatever the issue, TMA is here to support you as you support your patients and community. Want to hold an event in your area? Learn how to get involved with TMA community outreach efforts here

These are just some benefits of TMA membership; see them all here.


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July 30, 2018

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