Need Help Getting Paid?

ConsultingA practice can lose money in many ways throughout the billing and collections process — and many of these revenue “leaks” are avoidable.

The Texas Medical Association is committed to supporting Texas physicians by providing practice management information, education, and services, including help getting you paid properly and efficiently for the care you provide to patients.

That’s why TMA’s practice consulting services now include hands-on billing and collections help

Interested practices will work closely with TMA’s experts, with the full support of an established billing company, to help ensure no revenue slips through the cracks.

For more information, complete this short online form, send an email to tmabilling[at]texmed[dot]org, or call (800) 822-8930.

And check out the TMA website for even more ways we can help you get paid properly for the care you provide.

Last Updated On

March 06, 2018