Today Is Your Last Chance to Vote Early
By Jennifer Perkins

1.31 register to voteEarly voting in Texas’ primary ends TODAY, meaning that after today physicians have just one more opportunity to make the voice of the house of medicine heard: election day on Tuesday.

Texas has the earliest primary election in the country, and in Texas, it’s the primary that matters most. However, voter turnout in the primaries is historically low, which has resulted in the election of some folks who are hostile to medicine. 

Robert Rogers, MD, chair of the TEXPAC Board of Directors, implores TMA members and friends, “Please vote today! With few exceptions, the elections important to the family of medicine are decided in the primary, not the general election.”

If you cannot vote today, be sure to do so on election day: Tuesday, March 6.

“Your TEXPAC team diligently interviewed and questioned candidates for months to identify those who are most likely to help us fulfill the legislative initiatives of TMA,” Dr. Rogers said. “Please take a few minutes to review the list of TEXPAC-endorsed candidates and then VOTE! It’s critically important” to the future of medicine in Texas.

You are welcome to print out the TEXPAC endorsement list or sample ballots, mark them up, and bring them to the polls to ensure you’re casting your vote for the candidates you intend to select.

During early voting, you may vote anywhere you see a VOTE HERE sign. On Tuesday, you must vote at the precinct associated with your voter registration address in most counties. Sign in to the Secretary of State’s “You Count” website to find a list of local polling places — or check with your county clerk.

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March 02, 2018

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