Medicare Offers IVIG Add-On Payment

For 2006 only - because of IVIG market instability - you can bill add-on  code G0332 (preadministration-related services for intravenous infusion of immunoglobulin, per infusion encounter) in conjunction with administering immunoglobulin.

This IVIG preadministration service payment is in addition to your Medicare payment for the IVIG product itself and for administering the IVIG product via intravenous infusion.

Follow these billing guidelines:

  • You may bill for the IVIG preadministration service only once per patient per day of IVIG administration.
  • You must bill the service on the same claim form as the IVIG product (J1566 and/or J1567), with the same date of service as the IVIG product and a drug administration service.

Medicare says that while its pricing for IVIG is accurate and there is no overall product shortage, increasing IVIG demand and manufacturer allocation of many formulations has made it difficult for physicians' offices to obtain IVIG and schedule patient infusions. 

See the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Pub. 100-04 ( PDF ) of the CMS Manual System for further details.

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