Are Your Technology Contracts Favorable?

Your practice has multiple contracts in place, including those for technology and other equipment.

And although you've made sure that those contracts serve your practice's best interests, there might be some aspects of each that are unfavorable.

But how would you know?

That's why you should turn to the Coker Group, the newest company to join TMA's prestigious list of group discount program vendors. The Georgia-based health care consulting firm is offering TMA members free technology contract reviews. 

Coker's contract evaluation will look for terms and conditions that may be unfavorable to TMA members. After the contract has been reviewed, Coker Group consultants will discuss it with you, including suggestions on how to address any unfavorable terms. 

If you would like help negotiating the contract on your behalf, as a TMA member, you are eligible for a 5-percent discount on Coker's fees, which will be capped. If the fees are still higher than the amount you saved, Coker will not charge for time spent on price negotiations (however, time spent on term negotiations is still applicable). 

To start the process, visit the TMA website, and complete and submit a brief questionnaire. A TMA consultant will contact you to walk through the next steps. 

If you have any questions about this service, email contractreview[at]texmed[dot]org or call (800) 523-8776.

Action, Nov. 1, 2017

Last Updated On

November 01, 2017

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