Texas Hits Peak in Newly Licensed Physicians

Almost 5,000 new physicians received medical licenses in the state's 2017 fiscal year, a record that underscores the benefits of tort reform laws passed in 2003 and other positive factors that make Texas a good place to practice medicine.

In the year that ended Aug. 31, the Texas Medical Board issued 4,719 licenses, a gain of 700 (or 17.5 percent) over the previous year and 424 (9.9 percent) more than the old record set in 2015.

Texas has licensed more than 49,000 physicians, or an average of 3,500 every year, since 2003. In the 14 years before then, the board issued about 32,000 licenses, or an average of 2,300 annually. 

Action, Oct. 17, 2017

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October 17, 2017