TMA Already Pushing Lawmakers on 2019 Issues

The Texas Medical Association has sent letters to leaders of several legislative committees recommending high priority issues for the Texas Legislature to study in the interim period before the 2019 session.

The letters were sent in late September to:

 TMA's recommendations include:

  • Studying the adequacy of increased funding for graduate medical education (GME) expansions; 
  • Continuing efforts to improve care for women and infants, including the availability of prenatal and postpartum care;
  • Expanding options for behavioral health services, particularly treatment for mothers and newborns who have addictive disorders;
  • Working with TMA to simplify Medicaid's vendor drug program, to increase physician input into clinical decision making, and to align Medicaid fee-for-service and managed-care rate-setting schedules to avoid unnecessary retroactive adjustments;
  • Evaluate prescription drug coverage and changes by health plans for chronically ill patients;
  • Identifying and designing a process to determine standards of care during natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey;
  • Making the process of receiving adult vaccinations more efficient; and
  • Better promoting the state's organ donation program.
 TMA is taking this proactive role in promoting these specific topics for study during the legislative interim to better position medicine’s legislative agenda for the 2019 state legislative session. Watch for updates on the interim studies in this newsletter.

Action, Oct. 2, 2017; Updated Oct. 16, 2017

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October 16, 2017

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