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Volume 113, Number 10 — October 2017 

COVER STORY (pages 22–29)

New Balance, New Beginning
Following the passage of TMA-supported legislation to loosen maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, Texas is now a national leader in reducing the onerousness of MOC on physicians. What will the new law do once it takes effect at the beginning of 2018, and what could it do to keep more physicians in practice? By Joey Berlin

QUALITY (pages 3136)

QPP Made Simple(r)
The Physicians Advocacy Institute is helping doctors understand the MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP) by launching an online resource center with the help of TMA, other state medical societies, and health care consulting firm Healthsperien. By Joey Berlin

LAW (pages 3741)

Don't Get Waste-Deep
If you're a physician or medical group that deals with hazardous waste, you must follow EPA regulations, which are unknown to many physicians. By Joey Berlin


"Marketing Is Not a Luxury ― Marketing Is a Necessity"
This month, TMA will release Marketing Smart: A Guide for Medical Practices, which shows how physicians can help their practice thrive by developing a marketing plan. By Sean Price

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 4751)

The Problems of Parental Leave
A handful of countries in the world have no national policies on paid parental leave, and the United States is one of them. How can physicians and the practices that employ them make parental leave work for them? By Sean Price

EDUCATION (pages 5255)

Borrowing Trouble?
Education debt is a growing problem that heavily influences which students choose the medical field and discourages many low-income and minority students. By Sean Price 


Fact (page 7)
Focus On: 2017 Special Session (pages 89)
Commentary: For Doctors, Autonomy Means Coming Together, Speaking as One By Robert Tenery Jr., MD (pages 1113)
Commentary: Respite Care Improves Health Outcomes of the Homeless By Michael Stefanowicz, DO (pages 1516)
Rounds (pages 1720)
Deaths (page 20)
Author Guidelines (page 42)
Tip (page 56)

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