Principles for Healthy Vision 2010


    The Texas Medical Association supports:
    • The highest professional ethics in caring for patients.
    • Empowering patients to take more responsibility for their health.
    • Promoting continuous patient safety improvements.
    • Assuring that physicians and their patients have the sole authority to make health care decisions.
    • Promoting physician accountability and connectivity.


    The Texas Medical Association supports:
    • Making affordable health care available to all using multiple funding sources.
    • Creating value in the health care of our patients.
    • Eliminating excess administrative costs.
    • Protecting the economic viability of physician practices.
    • Using health care information technology to improve the quality of care.


    The Texas Medical Association supports:
    • Investing in prevention.
    • Providing an appropriate and enduring medical home for every patient.
    • Providing portable and non-discriminatory basic health coverage for all Texans.
    • Providing clinically appropriate medical care based on sound medical science.
    • Promoting a team-based approach to safe and effective health care delivery.
    • Investing in the public health infrastructure.
    Download the complete Healthy Vision 2010 , second edition ( PDF )

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