2017 Legislative Specialty Talking Points

TMA Proves Its Strength in Numbers

 As a Texas physician, you won big in the 2017 Texas Legislature. That’s because the Texas Medical Association — now more than 50,000 members strong — did its part by representing all specialties across Texas, and working closely with physicians like you to protect your time, income, patients, and the community you serve. Here are some highlights:

All 2017 Wins

Academic Medicine Accomplished Success in 2017

Cardiologist 2017 Wins

Emergency Medicine Prevails in 2017

Family Medicine 2017 Wins

Hospital-Based 2017 Wins

Obstetrics 2017 Wins

Orthopedic 2017 Wins

Pediatric 2017 Wins

Psychiatrists 2017 Wins

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August 16, 2017