TexasBenefitsCard: A One-Stop Resource for Patient’s Medicaid Information

Imagine this: You're trying to treat a Medicaid patient and would like to know her health information, including past Medicaid visits, health events, vaccines, and prescription and lab data.

You'd also like to verify her eligibility, and view and print her Medicaid ID card. Oh, and you'd like to do all of this from a tablet or smartphone.

Now imagine there was a central online hub where you could do all of that and more.

Sounds crazy, right? The kind of thing that exists only on television or in Robin Cook novels?

Well, prepare to have your mind blown because that very resource already exists —­ for free — at www.YourTexasBenefitsCard.com.

That’s right, one central hub now aggregates Medicaid data from disparate sources for managed care and fee-for-service plans.

"All of this information is collected and displayed in a consolidated health summary form with the ability to see more details," the Texas Health and Human Services Commission said in announcing the portal. "The portal helps patients and providers by better coordinating patient care and reducing duplication of services, providing patients' current prescription medicines or serious health conditions before performing procedures."

Texas Medicaid is conducting a pilot to integrate YourTexasBenefitsCard.com (YTBC) with participating managed care organizations' (MCOs') and dental management organizations' (DMOs') provider portals. 

"The integration is not intended to replace functions already existing in the current MCO/DMO portals, but rather to expand the functionality those portals provide by making the YTBC provider portal accessible through a single click," the commission said. 

Medicaid patients also can use the portal to view their benefit and case information, print or order Medicaid ID cards, set up and view Texas Health Steps alerts, and more. Encourage them to sign up.

If you still have questions, email or call the commission's help desk at (855) 827-3747.

Action, July 17, 2017

Last Updated On

August 01, 2017

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