Focus on Member Services: HR Help

Now here’s something you might not know: More than 80 percent of medical clinics fall victim to employee theft — that’s employees stealing stuff from your practice, not somebody stealing your employees.

Now, there’s not much TMA can do if somebody’s stealing your employees (you really should lock them down), but we do offer a whole bunch of benefits to mitigate staffing issues such as embezzlement — that’s theft of funds, y’all — or high employee turnover (that’s employees leaving, not necessarily being stolen). 

And here’s the good news: As a TMA member, you can turn to us for help if you need it. For example, you can use your benefits to foster and retain existing support staff. And if you do have a problem, TMA Practice Consulting experts can help you recruit reliable staff and even provide an on-site interim practice manager (what don’t we do?).

Here’s a few more details on what we provide, and how you can access it:

  • TMA Knowledge Center: Members can contact TMA at (800) 880-7955 or by email with human resources (HR) questions, like specific requirements for overtime pay.
  • FAQs & Education: TMA offers a wealth of HR information in our TMA Practice E-Tips, the free white paper "Delegation of Duties," and continuing medical education.
  • HR Consulting: TMA’s experts can work with you on everything from defining staff roles and efficient staffing levels to onsite training, and TMA will even "mystery shop" your practice.
  • Insurance: Provide your staff with medical, life, income, and ancillary insurance via the members-only TMA Insurance Trust.  

More information on all the ways TMA provides you with HR help can be found on the TMA website.

Action, June 1, 2017

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June 01, 2017