260.079D Coal Power Plant and Diesel Emissions in Texas


Coal Power Plant and Diesel Emissions in Texas. The Texas Medical Association urges our state government leaders and legislators to act to reduce pollution from coal-fired power plants and diesel engines. Steps might include:

Requiring the immediate installation or retrofitting of technology highly efficient in reducing all forms of air pollution, including ozone-causing pollutants, particulates, carbon dioxide, and mercury on all existing and future coal-fired power plants;

Ending state subsidies for polluting coal-fired power plants and levying a tax on coal, equivalent to that on natural gas, sufficient to pay future federal levies on pollution damage;

Placing a moratorium on approval of old-technology coal-fired power plants; and

Requiring an addition to the state diesel retrofit program to include particulate controls (Res. 201-A-08; deleted CSPH Rep. 3-A-17).

Last Updated On

May 25, 2017