260.027D Mobile Scanning Services


Mobile Scanning Services: Seven minimum standards of practice and five additional consultant responsibilities should provide physicians of Texas and the patient entrusted to their care the best available consultation by nuclear medicine physicians in every location where these consultations occur (These standards and responsibilities should not, however, be construed as an endorsement of the concept of mobile scanning service.):

(1) The physician consultant will engage only in that practice in which he or she is qualified and properly licensed in Texas, including rendering an interpretation of the procedure.

(2) The physician consultant will accept responsibility for, and assure the quality of, the technical aspects of the procedure.

(3) The physician consultant will accept only those practice arrangements which will assure his or her supervision of the technical quality of the procedure.

(4) The physician consultants' interpretation will not be rendered in the absence of clinical information requisite to an optimal interpretation of the study.

(5) The physician should make every attempt to assure that a reasonable professional fee, and a hospital charge when appropriate, will be rendered and properly identified.

(6) The physician consultant will assure that all acts of the nuclear medicine procedure, including professional consultation, technical services, and radiation safety performed with a commercial operator at any location, are comparable to those which would prevail in the physician consultants private office, or in an institution in which he or she has staff privileges in nuclear medicine, including the standards of practice described in paragraphs (1)-(6).

(7) The physician consultant will assure that images are stored either by the facility performing the study or by the patient/referring physician so as to be available for future comparison.

The nuclear physician consultant shall be wholly responsible for:

(1) The choice and amount of radiopharmaceutical to be used.

(2) The administration of that radiopharmaceutical. (If the radioactive substance is to be administered by another individual, the qualifications of that individual will be stipulated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and its appropriate agency councils.)

(3) The supervision of the performance of the procedure and the quality of the resultant data and/or images.

(4) The submission of an oral and/or written consultation within an appropriate interval not to exceed 24 hours. The nuclear medicine procedure will be of quality comparable to that available in the hospital with its own nuclear medicine department and as if the mobile services were unnecessary (Radiation Advisory Committee, p 138, A-94; amended CSA Rep. 3-A-05; deleted CSPH Rep. 3-A-17).

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May 25, 2017