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All HPV-related Me & My Doctor Blogs are listed here:

From tonsil cancer survivor to HPV vaccine advocate (April 2017)

New Vaccine Recommendation Cuts Number Of HPV Shots Children Need
(March 2017)

I Vaccinate You Because I Love You (February 2017) 

More U.S. Adolescents Are Getting the HPV Vaccine ― But We Can Do Better 
(October 2016) 

HPV-related Cancers Increasing in Men, Women (July 2016) 

HPV Vaccination Trims Infection Rate; Could Prevent Cancer (February 2016)  

Epic Fail: We Must Do More to Promote Cancer-Preventing HPV Vaccine 
(November 2015) 

HPV Is an Epidemic That We Can Prevent (August 2015)

HPV Vaccination Helps Prevent Head and Neck Cancer (April 2015) 

HPV Vaccine Fights Cervical Cancer, and More (March 2015)  

Texas Medicine Commentary, “Epic Fail”, from Dr. Jason Terk (March 2016) addresses the necessity for physicians to come together and improve their performance and quality of recommending vaccination to their patients.  

TMA Action article, “Vaccinate Your Adolescent Patients against HPV”, from Be Wise – Immunize (January 2016) provides resources, info sheets, connection to CME, and contact information to the Be Wise program for more information.  

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