330.014 Maternal Obesity


Maternal Obesity: The Texas Medical Association 1) recognizes obesity during pregnancy as a preventable health condition that poses significant risks for both mothers and infants. Women receiving preconception counseling should be informed of the maternal and fetal risks of obesity in pregnancy and encouraged to undertake a weight-reduction program. TMA encourages physicians caring for pregnant women to review current Institute of Medicine recommendations on gestational weight gain with patients throughout pregnancy, and assist with nutrition and exercise counseling postpartum; and 2) supports efforts to increase public awareness especially among young women, about the risks associated with obesity during pregnancy and the importance of maintaining a healthy weight to support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. TMA will work with the appropriate state agency programs to assist them in their development of informational materials on maternal obesity, including prevention strategies, associated health concerns, and current guidelines for healthy weight gain during pregnancy (CMPH Rep. 3-A-13).

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October 07, 2016