330.009 Preconception and Inter-gestational Health and Care


Preconception and Inter-gestational Health and Care: The Texas Medical Association recognizes that preconception and inter-gestational care are components of a larger health care goal of optimizing the health of every woman. Reproductive capacity spans almost four decades for most women. Optimizing women's health before and between pregnancies is an ongoing process that requires access to and the full participation of all segments of the health care system.

TMA believes that all women in Texas should have the opportunity to benefit from preconception and inter-gestational care. TMA supports efforts to assure that every pregnancy is a planned pregnancy and that all women in Texas have access to contraception counseling and affordable options when pregnancy is not desired. This includes counseling and assistance with pregnancy spacing to achieve the best possible health outcomes for mother and baby.

Further, TMA supports improving access to care for women of reproductive age in order to be able to: (1) screen for and optimize management of chronic medical conditions prior to pregnancy; (2) use medications that are safe in pregnancy; (3) assess family history and genetic risk; (4) address tobacco and substance use; (5) address nutritional issues and weight management; (6) assess occupational and environmental exposures and; (7) screen for and address mental health issues.

All annual exams for women of reproductive age should address pregnancy status and planning. In addition, clinicians providing reproductive care to women should encourage their patients to formulate a reproductive health plan and should discuss it in a culturally sensitive, nondirective way at each visit. TMA will work to provide and promote resources that can help physicians discuss these plans with their patients.

TMA encourages all physicians who treat women of reproductive age to consider pregnancy status, contraceptive use status, and pregnancy intentions when prescribing treatments and recommending care (Amended CM-MPH Rep. 1-A-08; amended CM-MPH Rep. 1-A-14).

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October 07, 2016