315.026D Tobacco Settlement Monies


315.026Tobacco Settlement Monies. TMA reaffirmed its policy on tobacco settlement funds (315.027) and approved a substitute resolution calling for tobacco settlement funds to be requested to assist in education of physicians in identification and treatment of people at risk for tobacco-related ailments; that TMA support the Montgomery, Tarrant, Harris, Dallas County Hospital Districts and other hospital districts that intervened in the tobacco lawsuit to have tobacco lawsuit funds specifically allocated to health care; and that TMA vigorously advocate that the counties which do not have hospital districts not use the funds for general purposes (i.e., roads and bridges) and that they be specifically used for health care (Sub. Res. 301-, 304-, and 305-A-99; deleted CM-C Rep. 2-A-03; see Policy 315.000).

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October 07, 2016