295.002 Health Insurance Offered to Association Employees


Health Insurance Offered to Association Employees: The Texas Medical Association Board of Trustees will review annually the health insurance coverage offered to its employees. In this review, the board will consider: (1) TMA's cost; (2) affordability of coverage for employees; (3) TMA's policies of no favoritism for a particular form of health care delivery and supporting a patient's right of free choice of physician; (4) broad physician coverage in the Austin area; (5) reasonably good geographic distribution of physicians; and (6) general satisfaction of TMA employees. (Board of Trustees, p 17, A-96; Res. 28P, p 135; Board of Trustees, p 19, I-97; substituted BOT Rep. 10-A-05; reaffirmed BOT Rep. 15-A-15).

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October 07, 2016