280.011 Scientific Evaluation Guidelines


Scientific Evaluation Guidelines: The Texas Medical Association adopted the following guidelines for consideration of new scientific procedures and other topics concerning the scientific aspects of medical practice:

(1) The Council on Science and Public Health or a subgroup will review and make recommendations.

(2) An opinion from the council could be rendered under the following headings: (a) established treatment method; (b) investigational; (c) unacceptable for further review (explain); and (d) indeterminate--no consensus to date.

(3) The council or subgroup will solicit information and expert advice from many sources--other councils and committees, TMA Library search, AMA, other state medical societies--and from known experts in the field in question.

(4) The council will make a statement: (a) for general information (to the source asking in question); (b) for TMA information or action and, when deemed advisable, in the public interest, disseminate this information and opinion (Council on Scientific Affairs, pp 132-133, A-93; reaffirmed CSA Rep. 6-A-04; amended CSPH Rep. 2-A-14).

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October 07, 2016