260.093 Clinical Approaches to Obesity Prevention and Treatment


Clinical Approaches to Obesity Prevention and Treatment: The Texas Medical Association will work to (1) identify current assessment practices of physicians to determine what tools are needed for them to address overweight and obesity in the care of their patients; (2) survey health plans to identify current coverage policies and reimbursement practices; (3) identify tools that health plans are using to assist patients, families, and physicians to better address overweight and obesity; and (4) collaborate with health plans on strategies for payment on obesity prevention and treatment to include conducting a pilot project with one or more health plans which will include payment for evidence-based approaches to assess and treat overweight or obese patients. TMA supports the necessary evaluation and research to optimize prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of obesity in children and adults in the primary care setting and will work to develop the necessary tools and communications to assist physicians on covered preventive services including obesity treatment (CSPH Rep. 4-A-12).

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October 07, 2016