260.080 Vaccine Delivery


Vaccine Delivery: The Texas Medical Association is dedicated to helping ensure all Texans are fully vaccinated. TMA recommends several actions to help remove barriers for physicians and add accountability and transparency to all aspects of vaccine delivery. 

  1. That TMA work with the Texas Legislature to highlight the critical contribution of Texas physicians in reaching the state’s public health immunization goals by eliminating vaccine-preventable illnesses and also ensuring comprehensive services in the medical home setting. In addition, TMA supports legislation to:
    1. Eliminate the business tax on vaccines;
    2. Establish a purchase reference for acquisition of each vaccine recommended for children, based on a standard transparent source, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Private Sector Price List;
    3. Mandate vaccine payment reporting by insurance companies to determine if they are covering the true costs of these preventive services;
    4. Further universal reporting to the state’s immunization registry;
    5. Protect and preserve as the primary site of the receipt of immunizations a patient-centered medical home with a primary care physician; and
    6. Mandate electronic reporting, by the vaccinating provider, of vaccines administered to children and adults outside their medical home (e.g., in pharmacies or through community-based delivery) to either (i) the public health agency immunization registry, or (ii) the local public health immunization exchange using the appropriate, current national health information standard (e.g., HL7 2.5.1 or C-CDA release 2.1 Common Clinical Data Set).
  2. That TMA support increased federal funding of the Section 317 program and state funding to increase physician payments for the administration of immunizations to patients in the Medicaid and Texas Vaccines for Children programs; encourage the Texas Department of State Health Services and CDC to work toward a significant decrease in the administrative burden for physicians participating in the federal Vaccines for Children program so more physicians can provide vaccines under the program at reasonable cost; and support federal and continued state funding to preserve the Adult Safety Net Program for access to vaccines, noting the health care savings and health benefits of this program greatly exceed the immediate cost.
  3. That TMA work with the Texas Department of State Health Services and other recognized groups to expand and promote resources to assist physician members on how practices can best establish a business and public health case for providing immunizations and determine the tools necessary to negotiate best price (CPH Rep. 1-A-09; amended CSPH Rep. 5-A-19).

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June 11, 2019