260.057D Regulation of Ephedrine Products


Regulation of Ephedrine Products. It is Texas Medical Association policy that (1) ephedrine and ephedrine alkaloids, whether naturally occurring or synthetic, have pharmacological properties which categorize them as drugs; (2) that the quality and quantity of data is sufficient to establish that ephedrine and its alkaloids are associated with serious adverse effects when consumed as dietary supplements or in OTC products; and (3) that regulations be promulgated to define naturally occurring and/or synthetic ephedrine and ephedrine alkaloids as prescription drugs; their use should be allowed only when supervised by a duly licensed physician on a prescription basis. Ephedrine and ephedrine alkaloids should be prohibited from nonprescription foods, dietary supplements or other OTC commercial products intended for public consumption (Amended CPH Rep. 4-I-98; reaffirmed CPH Rep. 2-A-08; deleted CSPH Rep. 5-A-18).

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August 20, 2018